The EOS R is Canon's entry into the full-frame mirrorless camera market and, while it doesn't look all that revolutionary at first glance, looks can be deceiving: this is a big step for the world's largest camera manufacturer. The EOS R comes with a new mount, a new lens lineup, and some new functionality. Most crucially, it's capable of capturing fantastic photographs.

But as we approach the completion of our full EOS R review, we wanted to address a few areas where we believe it could be improved (just like we did with Nikon's Z7). These principally concern usability and, to a degree, ergonomics, too, but also include limitations of some of the features included the EOS R as well as limitations imposed on the user by features that have been left out.

While some of these issues have been a feature of Canon's various lineups for some time, the EOS R - and the fresh start it represents - are a great opportunity for the company to take a fresh look at how it can make the camera more usable for more people.

So without further ado, here's what we'd like to see Canon try to improve in the EOS R.